Assistant Professor of Marketing and Supply Chain Management, Michael F. Price College of Business,

University of Oklahoma

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My focus

Orhan Bahadır Doğan is a marketing professor at Price College of Business, focusing on technology’s role in shaping marketing.

My background

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, I had the unique opportunity of living on the European mainland and traveling to the Asian side to go to school at Marmara University. I then studied abroad in Berlin, Germany for a semester after receiving a full scholarship from the ERASMUS European Union Student Exchange Program. When I completed my undergraduate degree, I moved to the United States to study in a third continent and to get a degree in what I'm passionate about; Marketing. Here in the U.S., I received a full scholarship for my degree as well and completed my Master's in Marketing in one year while working as a Graduate Assistant at the Center for International Business Education and Research at Georgia State University (CIBER).

After a year of working in the industry, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. degree at J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. In this program, as an empirical marketing strategist, I focus on relevant marketing problems and offer solutions using econometric models. My dissertation explores the effectiveness of wearable devices through digital nudges in driving customers' physical activity. I have a few working papers on the intersection of marketing and technology, highlighted in the Research tab on this website.

I am a father to a labrador retriever, Ruthie, and enjoy playing tennis, cooking Mediterranean cuisine, and turn-tabling in my spare time.

Ruthie & I enjoying some fresh mountain air

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